Leading Supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance Products

Detasec is providing technology-leading, reliable, and easy-to-use Electronic Article Surveillance products. Of course high quality.

Leading EAS Technology, Easy to Install and Use.

Detasec engineers with 10 years of experience in EAS motherboard development and design, making our products technologically advanced.

We are providing Eas products for many top brands in the world. Includes customized Eas motherboards, Eas antennas etc.

All our Eas systems are very stable, easy to install and use. Because we hope that our customers can use our products well even without a strong technical team.

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Detasec Provides EAS Solutions That Across the Retail Enterprise

We are offering Eas antenna systems, Eas tags, Eas Labels, deactivators, detachers, etc.

Our EAS solutions,  can be used for different kinds of goods such as clothing and accessories, cosmetics, digital products, food and beverages, eyewear, sports equipment, daily necessities, etc. It can provide anti-theft protection solutions with low labor costs and increase retail profits.




















WiFi Remote, Long Detection Range


Best Performance

Detasec Helps You Succeed in Eas

Our goal is to helping you become a leader in your local market !Keep you from wasting your energy worrying about product quality and technical support services. We take care of all the dirty works, Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

Leading Eas Technology

We have both RF (8.2Mhz) and AM (58Khz) technology. The detection range can cover a single channel of 1.0-2.8m.

OEM & ODM Are Available

Whether you want to engrave your logo on an EAS products or want to design them differently, we can help you.

Strict Quality Control

Whether it is the selection of raw materials, the production of finished products, testing, packaging. We all strictly control.

Professional Pre-sales Service

All of our sales have more than 6 years of sales experience, to provide you with a wealth of pre-sales advice.

Strong After-Sales Service

Our technicians have an average of over 10 years experience in Eas Field. We can Help you solve all problems.

Just Start With Low MOQ

If you want to start EAS business, we support low quantity orders.At the same time, we will help your business grow.

Projects Completed by Detasec's Dealers

As China’s top EAS SYSTEM supplier, Detasec provides reasonable solutions for all your project needs, whether it is supermarket, clothing store or mobile phone store, etc.

Need unconstrained shopping experience for store? Need anti-theft system for a large shop? No matter what challenges you face, Detasec can always provide you with the right solution to meet the needs of your business. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the projects we’ve helped clients complete.

The Commen Pitfall When Purchasing

There are different things to consider when ordering any product, including Eas systems from China. There are many great suppliers out there.
However, some suppliers offer low-quality products that need to be avoided. It is vital to make sure that you are getting the right products. You need to take some steps to ensure that you are not being cheated by fake sellers.
Take the example of buying Eas antennas:

  • Choose a well-known company and check the online reviews.
  • Learn more about a few manufacturers to make money worthwhile.
  • On-site visits are possible.
  • Accessories details need to be thorough: frame, motherboard , power adapter, etc.
  • Use a original motherboard with leading technology.
  • Test samples.
  • Timely delivery.

DETASEC helps you become a leader in your local market !