Eas retail solutions for supermarket, apparel, electronics, cosmetic, DIY store, eyeware, etc.

Detasec provides EAS Retail Solution for the retailers all over the world. We offer a wide range of electronic surveillance article products including RF/AM hard tag, RF/AM soft label, ink tag, RF/AM detection system, RF/AM deactivator, magnetic detachers, etc, and we have established a full-scale quality management system, guaranteeing our efficient operations and sustainable growth. Our solution can rapidly increase the sales profit, decrease the workforce cost and theft loss.

Eas Solution for Electronics

For the electronics, both soft label and hard tag can be used for the commodities, eas antennas, deactivator, detacher are also equipped.

Eas Solution for Eyeware

For the glasses we suggest special optical tags, with the help of eas antennas. A special optical tag can prevent the glasses be taken out without detaching, and it won’t affect the consumer try-on.

Eas Solution for DIY Store

Globally speaking, batteries, drills, power tools and door locks are three major attractions to thieves in this market. Detasec offers several solutions to protect these and other articles.

We Help to Solve Your Customers' Problem

We care about our products and customers as passionately as you care about yours. Our electronics are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and we need to ensure that all global, regional and local regulatory requirements are met.

As each EAS antenna is developed, we test it to a series of stringent health and safety standards to ensure they meet or exceed them to suit you before our global customer success team installs them to your highest standards store environment.

DETASEC helps you become a leader in your local market !