Security Solutions for Merchandise on Display

Merchandising security or security display is the key element for every store that displays electronic products. Not only it secures and charges smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and other electronic devices, but allows customers to interact the products freely to increase sales. Deatsec designes and produces a variety of security display stands,from alarm to no alarm, from pick up to lock-down,from high security with metal grippers to wireless security stand,that fit your unqiue requirement. All these security stands help you dicrease theft, and maximize every sales opportunity.

Security didsplay: mobiles security display stand, smart watch display stand, Laptop security ,tablet/pad/e-reader secure stand, high security anti theft holder, etc.

Detasec provides various anti theft phone holders with multiple levels of security and different installations that meet your store’s unique requirement and different mobile phones display requirements. But they also maintain a high degree of consistency in style, allowing you to display different phones at different levels of security in the one retail store.

DT29K Mobile security display stand

NX1000 Mobile security display stand

DT21 Anti-theft antenna

DT29K Mobile security display stand

Laptop security alarm sensor cable

Standalone smartwatch display stand

Headphone display security solution

Multiport alarm host