Eas Soft Label

AM Eas soft label and RF Eas Soft Label

Detasec security labels are used worldwide to protect their products from theft. Label solutions are well suited for durable non-metallic products while tag based products are well suited for apparel usage. Labels can come with permanent and non-permanent adhesive, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Technology and Application

Detasec’s Eas soft labels are with reliable performance and unmatched anti-theft protection. Detasec Provides Label in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes .

Our AM soft labels are in low frequency (58KHZ), with reliable performance and unmatched anti-theft protection.  Discreetly secure items of all shapes and sizes and provide quick, consistent deactivation at the point-of-sale for fewer false alarms at the store exit.

Eas RF (8.2MHZ ) Labels are used worldwide to protect their products. Labels can come with permanent and non-permanent adhesive, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Good quality, good prices and good services.

How Can We Handle Your Order

Order management

Detasec will arrange a special sales manager who will provide one to one service for all details of your expected products. Not just collecting abundant information about your packaging solution, but also provide non-stop service to meet your requirement and schedule, to assure the project goes smoothly as your expecting.

A Deatsec sales manager will provide below service:

Draw up initiate order with necessary information

In time and continuous follow up and evaluate order specification to adjust the production schedule

Provide practical support and service

Prepare and organize all necessary related documentation for this order.

Installation and Training

Detasec expert with 10+ years experience will help you with Eas antennas installation step by step if you need.

Detasec expert provides the following services:

Provides guidance and advice on installation. This includes phone calls, text or remote video guidance.

Cooperate with your technical team to adjust the on-site installation plan and give reasonable construction suggestions.

Provide for all necessary user’s manual and and installation instruction video.

Packaging and Delivery

Detasec provides standard packaging and custom packaging services. We will give the data of standard packaging in advance for your reference. Custom packaging services include printing, changing packaging size and changing packaging materials, etc.

Detasec provides multiple delivery methods, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. We will follow the terms of the contract to deliver and provide relevant information.

Please contact us promptly for any delivery questions or requirements.
Tel: 008615302632729, Email: info@szdeta.com

After sales technical support

Detacher will provide continuous after sales support to every customer. Also a solid warranty on each Eas antenna we sold, workmanship, performance, and solution response time. Detasec service departments prepare enough various materials stocking, ready for any urgent demand from customer, to assure the fast and efficient fulfillment of all orders.

Detasec service expert are all qualified with 10+ years experience to assure smooth installation. They also provide on-site training and onging support.

After sales expert support will cover below:

Assist with installation.

Device Troubleshooting

Solve problems such as false alarming, missing alarming, and co-channel interference.