Eas Solution for Cosmetic



Stores in the cosmetic segment sell a wide variety of items that are prone to theft. Some articles are small in size, which make them easy to hide, some are expensive and highly wanted amongst thieves. Retailers, pharmacies and drugstores that are active in this market invest a great deal in loss prevention. Obviously, this should not affect the customer’s shopping experience. Detasec develops and supplies reliable retail security and identification solutions.


Globally, the most stolen items in the cosmetic industry are:

  • Razor blades because of the high demand and price
  • Cosmetics such as make-up, because they are relatively small
  • Other items and personal care products that are relatively expensive
  • Perfumes that have a wide public appeal

Retailers would like to protect a wide variety products to reduce shrinkage. At the same time, they would like to realize an enjoyable shopping experience. Customers need to be able to try specific perfumes and to be able to see the product’s package. Detasec can help you achieve this! 



Especially in cosmetic, an attractive presentation of merchandise is essential to boost sales. Thick labels or large tags can ruin the product packaging. Customers may open a product to test, which makes it unusable and causes shrinkage. This is how Detasec can help! We constantly develop advanced products that secure specific types of articles without harming the product presentation and packaging. For example, we have developed ultra slim labels that will not alter the product’s appearance. Another example are tubes for make-up products, such as mascara, which can be adapted in height. These tubes are partly open and they present relatively well on the shelves.

DETASEC helps you become a leader in your local market !