Become a Partner

Partnering to deliver security solutions, management solutions. Connectting retailer, goods, shopper.

DETA company values the critical role that our channel partners play in expanding the delivery of our solutions to retailers worldwide. Through our global channel partner network, we provide retailers with "leading-in-class" solutions.

Welcome worldwide channel partner

Join us and become the industry leader! Our global partner channel is designed to be simple, scalable, sustainable, and long-term profitable. Deta company provides partners with the differentiated advantages needed to expand their business, helping them locate the market and customer base to achieve growth.

Simplicity: Straightforward, easy-to-understand program makes it easy to do business with Deatsec Solutions

Scalability: Tools and resources enable our channel partners to scale their offerings and grow their business

Sustainable development: keep innovating, keep up with market demand, and strengthen the recognition of detasec from the customer base.

Profitability: A win-win relationship enables partners to deepen relationships with existing customers and attract new customers

How to Help You Build Your Edge

  • Leading technology and high quality
  • Price support gives you the upper hand in the competition.
  • Exclusive sales rights for some products to make you unique
  • Customized services, further expand differentiation and help you avoid the trap of price competition
  • Good after-sales service to help you build a good reputation

Detasec helps your business to the next level.