Make Great Progress in EAS with Detasec's Help

The EAS market is witnessing intense competition each year, demanding high-performance products and excellent service to differentiate yourself from competitors. To stay ahead and secure more orders, companies must continually innovate and adapt to market changes. In this regard, Detasec can help you make significant progress by offering a range of new products, a perfect product matrix, software remote setting capabilities, and a commitment to high-quality control and top-notch service.

New prodcuts

Detasec boasts extensive experience in developing new products, launching innovative solutions almost every year. In 2022, we introduced an impressive series of AM systems, including the DYNA T40 ABS plastic AM antenna, METL L2 aluminum & acrylic AM antenna, and PURA P60 acrylic antenna. These products not only deliver competitive pricing and performance but also feature unique motherboards and frames that are sure to impress shop owners. Additionally, our dedication to annual motherboard optimization and updates ensures exceptional stability and minimizes the occurrence of after-sales problems.

Perfect product matrix

Detasec offers both AM and RF technologies, supporting DUAL or MONO working modes to cater to your specific needs. The DUAL RF antenna provides coverage ranging from 120cm to 200cm, while the mono RF antenna covers 60cm to 110cm per side, offering flexibility and convenience. Similarly, the AM antenna is available in three levels: low, medium, and high, with varying coverage for soft labels and hard tags. As performance improves, the manufacturing cost and selling price of our products increase proportionally, ensuring you receive top-quality solutions that help you secure orders effortlessly. Learn more of detasec’s products. 

Software remote setting

Detasec’s advanced features include WiFi remote setting, a powerful tool for resolving after-sales issues promptly. This functionality enables you to address any concerns efficiently, build a solid reputation, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our latest A2000 AM BOARD and WiFi mono 3.54 are equipped with WiFi remote debugging capabilities, allowing for seamless troubleshooting and configuration adjustments.

Top-speed service

Detasec takes pride in delivering exemplary service to over 200 dealers across more than 40 countries worldwide. With a strong commitment to quality control, our team ensures that every product meets the highest standards. Additionally, we prioritize prompt delivery to ensure your orders reach you swiftly, eliminating unnecessary delays and disruptions.

Detasec helps your business to the next level.