DYNA T40 High performance 2.0m Eas am antenna

DYNA T40 is a high-end EAS ANTENNA with a mix and match design of ABS Plastic. Smooth straight line design, straight line alarm light bar runs through the top, elegant and beautiful. Suitable for all styles of stores. At the same time, DYNA T40 has very good anti-theft performance Good anti-interference performance, ultra-long plus measurement distance. Provide a good shopping experience while ensuring the safety of the store.

The system includes several advanced features such as:

Jammer alarm, to detect even the most professional thieves.
WiFi Remote adjusting for full range of after -sales services

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Factory default standard parameters

  • Type : Master / Slave

  • Board : A2000

  • Dimension: 1560*415*140mm

  • For Soft Label Detection: 2.0 meter

  • For 25mm Ferrite Detection : 2.2 meter

  • For 39mm Ferrite Detection : 2.8 meter

WiFi Remote Control

The METL L2 high-end version is equipped with an A2000 motherboard, which can be installed with a wifi module and supports remote debugging. Provide fast and efficient service.

  • Assist with remote installation
  • Remote after-sales
  • Monitor product working status


  • Straight line design with sturdy aluminum frame
  • High quality ABS plastic frame
  • Intelligent algorithm provides high detection rate with extremely low false alarm possibility.
  • Unique system design offers a cost-effective solution for multi-aisle scenarios.
  • Built-in electronics provide easy installation.
  • Various tuning methods, maximum tuning opportunity for different environments.

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