RF Technology

New Design Rimless Eas RF System

The PURA R20 Eas RF antenna combines the best design with the clearness and aesthetically superior look of acrylic materials.
Elegantly and discretely protect the most modern stores with superb detection and widest aisles.

PURA R20 eas rf system 20230529


The modern open aesthetic of the PURA R20 EAS antenna strengthens your store’s appearance and ambiance. Customizable: Its appearance can be completely customized to match the branding of your store, allowing for seamless integration into any store concept.




The PURA R20 EAS antenna is equipped with advanced 9550 DUAL, mono 3.54, mono 3.93  RF board that with long detection range, stable performance.


Available in different alarm colors, cover sets in different colors or stainless steel, and with advertisement space that can be optimized for your brand or store, the PURA R20 EAS ANTENNA offers versatile design options.

  • Type : Dual / Mono
  • Board : 9550 / 3.54 / 3.93

  • Dimension: 1520*370*110mm

  • Mains : 110-220V
  • Alarm signaling: Audible and multicolour light