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PURA P10 Rimless Acrylic Eas AM System

PURA P10 is based on 58 kHz electronic article surveillance.

It is designed with maximum transparency, minimizing entrance obstruction and offers maximum detection of hard tags and disposable tags in challenging store environments.

In case of an alarm event, PURA P10 notifies staff about the nature of that event by making use of the multicolor lights, so correct measures can be taken. The illuminated logo can function as a system active indicator.


Board : A1800

Type : Master / Slave

Frequency : 58Khz

Dimension: 1500*308*115mm

For Soft Label Detection: 1.6 meter

For 25mm Ferrite Detection : 1.7 meter

For 39mm Ferrite Detection : 2.2 meter

Fully featured

  • Long range detection
  • Software configuration
  • Enhanced noise immunity
  • Elegant design of frames and base covers
  • Frames made with high quality acrylic material
  • Plastic parts made with high precision molds

WiFi Remote Control

The PURA P10 high-end version is equipped with an A1800 motherboard, which can be installed with a wifi module and supports remote debugging. Provide fast and efficient service.


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