Theft Cases And Case Value Increased in 2020

Effective anti-theft measures are essential

By Detasec – 14th May 2021

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Wesley Chapel, FL – Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. released on May 11, 2021 the results of their 33rd Annual Retail Theft Survey which reports on over 184,000 shoplifters and dishonest employee apprehensions in 2020 by just 22 large retailers, who recovered over $81 million from these thieves.

Theft Cases And Case Value Increased

“While temporary store closures due to the Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in fewer thieves being caught stealing in 2020, the average shoplifting case value increased 13.0% and the average dishonest employee case value increased 3.8% over 2019,” said Mark R. Doyle, President of Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. Mr. Doyle added, “As expected, the Covid-19 Pandemic clearly affected apprehensions and recovery dollars in 2020, with shoplifting apprehensions and recovery dollars down 43.8% and 36.5% respectively; and dishonest employee apprehensions and recovery dollars down 20.3% and 17.2% respectively. However, those participant retailers designated as ‘Essential’, saw overall apprehensions rise 7.9% and dollar recoveries increase 9.1% during 2020.”

“Case Averages:
Total Thefts: $ 440.48, up 19.2% in 2020
Shoplifters: $ 310.11, up 13.0% in 2020
Employees: $1,219.61, up 3.8% in 2020
Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. has been in the Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control consulting business for over 40 years, and is recognized on an international level as the foremost loss prevention and inventory shrinkage control consulting firm in the world.”

To read more results from the Jack Hayes Retail Theft survey and to download a PDF of the results, visit the Hayes International website.

anti thft system detasec

Effective anti-theft measures are essential

The COVID-19 is serious and the economic downturn has caused great social pressure. An increase in theft cases has also followed.Effective anti-theft measures are essential for protecting the stores.

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