Practical anti-interference ability

We need to emphasize the anti-interference ability of the product again, and the also the corresponding solutions.


With the advancement of technology, the retail scene is upgraded. Our shopping malls, commercial streets, shops and other places require more and more electronic products and equipment, such as display equipment, advertising equipment, lamps, etc. While these products bring value and convenience to the store, they also increase the interference to our Eas anti-theft systems. We have to pay more attention to the anti-interference of the products, to ensure that the products work well and Continuously provide protection for the retail stores.

Digital Mono Systems

The 3.93 motherboard is a digital motherboard that we have launched, and it is a mono motherboard. It has better anti-interference performance. At the same time, we have optimized the detection range for it, so that the two attributes have been greatly balanced.

We provide several different styles of appearance to meet the needs of different stores. In addition, we attach great importance to the economics of our products. So you can spend a lower cost to get a reliable and easy to install anti-theft system.



The MONO system is easy to install. According to the width of the entrance and exit of the store, we can reasonably select the required accessories, so as to smoothly calculate the number of anti-theft door products required. After adjusting the installation distance, it can be fixed without other complicated installation methods.