New Design AM System for 2021

By Detasec – 4th Aug. 2021

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The Datsec product portfolio, a leader in retail technology solutions, has launched the newly designed Eas Antennas. The new product provides a cautious but powerful loss prevention solution for grocery retailers. The PURA series uses high-quality acrylic materials, and adopts a rimless design, with a simple base design, high-end and stylish. The DYNA series uses plastic material, which is different from the traditional sleek design. It has a stronger sense of lines. The antennas are equipped with A1800 motherboard, software debugging, and equipped with WiFi remote debugging, which is more convenient.

Like the previous EAS SYSTEM, the installation of the new PURA and DYNA systems is still simple. Equipped with WiFi remote debugging, it can easily solve after-sales problems. Save time and labor costs.

In particular, we provide dual-color LED lights for the PURA series antennas. The light color during standby and the light color during alarm will switch, which reminds the staff more significantly.

The new antenna is not only more beautiful, but also more in line with the needs of the contemporary retail environment for product design. At the same time, the anti-theft performance is also very strong, always escorting the store.

           Software adjustment

           WiFi remote control

        √   Wide detection coverage

           Highly immune to spurious signals common to store environments

           Elegant design of frames and base covers