Delivery time for anti-theft hard tags is back to normal again

2nd June 2023

On April 17, 2023, at 14:04, a fire broke out in Factory 1 of Zhejiang Weijiali Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd., located in Fenghuangshan Industrial Zone, Quanxi Town, Wuyi County. Three individuals were trapped on the third floor. By around 4:00 am on April 18, two rounds of search and rescue operations had been completed at the accident site, resulting in the discovery of 11 fatalities.


After the incident, Wuyi County promptly implemented a rotating command system and swiftly formed the “Seven Teams, Six Special Teams.” Following a work plan consisting of three stages: “comprehensive investigation, rectification, and improvement,” the county, townships, villages, and enterprises were linked at four levels. A total of 33 leaders from the county’s executive bodies led the teams, accompanied by 136 officials who took the lead. More than 2,000 officials wholeheartedly engaged in grid-based work. These efforts also integrated the strength of over 10,000 personnel from local townships and villages. Working tirelessly on weekends and holidays, the entire populace waged a comprehensive people’s war to investigate, rectify, and conduct a thorough clean-up.

Due to the impact of this incident, the factory that produces anti-theft tags and their accessories underwent a comprehensive investigation and rectification. As a result, the delivery time for some products was extended. With the completion of ongoing rectification work, the factory has resumed production, and the product delivery schedule has returned to normal.


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