Why do EAS tags that appear similar have such a significant difference in price?

There are numerous factories producing EAS tags, and countless companies and stores selling EAS tags in markets around the world. Why is there such a significant price difference for the same type of EAS tag? 

In order to obtain EAS tags that meet their specific requirements, purchasers often send inquiries to multiple suppliers and may even need to buy numerous samples for comparison. This process typically consumes a considerable amount of time and money. 

Therefore, in this article, we will use our DRT04 R50 EAS hard tag as an example to elaborate on several factors that influence the quality and price of EAS tags.

*All images are taken from real-life photography.

Factors that determine Eas tags' price

After comparing numerous equipment and production capacities in China, we found that the price differences caused by production equipment, speed, and labor are minimal. Therefore, we are only exploring factors related to materials in order to identify the causes of differences in quality and price. The main factors affecting price and quality are as follows:

  • Plastic cover of tag
  • Coil
  • Lock

Plastic Cover of Tag

To compare, we need to focus on two points:

  1. Quality of plastic: Currently, the plastic materials used in the Chinese market include new ABS plastic, recycled plastic, and modified benzene plastic. Their hardness and toughness rank as follows: new ABS plastic > recycled plastic > modified benzene plastic.
  2. Weight of plastic used for unit tag: The heavier the weight of the plastic used, the better the thickness of the casing and the more robust the structure.

Using higher quality plastic and a larger quantity of it makes the tag more resistant to tampering by thieves. However, this also results in higher production costs.

*All images are taken from real-life photography.

*All images are taken from real-life photography.



There are currently two types of materials for making the core: pure copper wire core and copper-clad aluminum wire core.

Besides that, we show you their diameter and length visually.

The performance of the coil using pure copper core is more stable. At the same time, using a thicker wire core can also enhance the performance of the coil, which makes the tag better detected. Of course, you need to pay more production costs for this.



The quality of each component determines the overall quality of the lock core. 

Apart from the tensile strength of the lock core, a high-quality lock also provides smoother locking/unlocking operations. However, such quality comes with a higher price.

*All images are taken from real-life photography.

Choose what is most suitable, not what is cheapest.

The factors mentioned above greatly influence the pricing of EAS tag manufacturing. Factories produce EAS tags with different configurations based on your pricing. Therefore, blindly pursuing low prices will only result in obtaining low-quality EAS tags. Factories won’t manufacture orders at a loss for you. On the other hand, the value of a single item in a store can be hundreds of times the cost of EAS tags, or even more. Opting for inferior EAS tags makes merchandise more susceptible to loss, which is extremely unwise.

Detasec specializes in the EAS industry. We provide EAS Tags that offer an excellent balance between quality and affordability. If your customers demand the highest quality products, that’s great – we can provide them. However, if your market demands EAS tags that are both high-quality and reasonably priced, Detasec can assist you in expanding your market and acquiring more orders.