Retail Theft: Thieves Attempting to Use Booster Bags against EAS Systems

Booster bags, retail theft, shoplifting, and other forms of retail theft cause significant losses to retailers every year. Some retailers point out that organized retail crime is even more difficult to prevent, with specialized teams systematically stealing from stores and selling the goods online for profit. For whatever reason, loss prevention experts are very familiar with a particular method that allows items to be taken out of the store without being detected. They are called “booster bags” and are used by shoplifters worldwide in an attempt to overcome in-store security systems.

Eas Detection System

We typically provide tag-based anti-theft device systems to retail establishments. Each item has a tag attached to it or placed inside the packaging, which must be removed or deactivated before leaving the store. If the tag is not removed or deactivated, sensors installed at the store exit will detect the tag and trigger an alarm. However, booster bags are designed to prevent the alarm from sounding.


Booster Bag

A booster bag can be any type of shopping bag, wallet, container, or even a jacket pocket lined with multiple layers of aluminum foil. The reflective properties of the foil prevent the tag from being detected by the sensors at the exit doors, allowing shoplifters to easily walk out of the store with anything they can fit into the bag. These bags are typically homemade by skilled thieves and are difficult for stores to identify.

Detasec's Solution

Detasec offers the MG10 metal detection antenna. It can largely address this problem, and according to the currently recognized testing methods, the MG10 can effectively detect a 30*30cm metal plate at a distance of 1.4-1.5m. It can work in conjunction with EAS antennas to further reduce the risk of lost merchandise. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products and pricing.

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