Removing RF Soft Label When Scanning Barcode

RF deactivator controller connect with barcode scanner

When connect controller of DRD487 RF deactivator with scanner,  RF soft label will be removed when scanning barcode of goods. 

It is used at the cashier desk to improve the work efficiency of cashier staff. Or used for self-checkout, more convenient.

Removing RF Soft Label When Scanning on Cashier Desk
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Case Show

Our customers provide on-site installation cases, you can learn about his working conditions from the video.

Connecting controller with barcode scanner

DRD487 deactivator controller provide a RS232 port for connecting  with scanner. It matches almost all scanners. 

When the scanner comes with a set of coils, we can directly link them.

If the scanner doesn’t have an extra coil, we need make a matching coil based on the scanner’s internal dimensions.

Welcome to contact us to know more about it. 

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