New installation case of PURA P60 AM pedestal

Detasec’s Malaysia distributor has provided us with the latest installation case for the PURA P60 Eas Am pedestal, including installation photos and testing videos. This makes us very proud.

Detasec is committed to assisting our distributors in capturing a larger market share with high-quality products, affordable prices, and excellent service. This strategy aims to help them achieve greater profits in the fiercely competitive market.

Detasec adopts a fair pricing mechanism and product tiering strategy to prevent malicious competition among distributors in the same region. For distributors with sufficient strength, Detasec may even offer exclusive agency rights for their country. Welcome to contact us and establish a cooperative relationship.

PURA P60 Ees Am pedestal installation case
PURA P60 Ees Am pedestal installation case 1

PURA P60 is the latest acousto-magnetic device from detasec, with good performance and high-end appearance. It can be equipped with WIFI module to realize remote control function.   

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