Can the EAS tags you purchased be bitten open with teeth?

——Advantages and challenges brought by automated production of EAS hard tags.

EAS Hard Tags for Anti-Theft

Anti-theft hard tags are among the most widely used products in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) industry. Most items, especially clothing, require the protection of hard tags, creating significant sales opportunities for suppliers in the EAS market. Recently, many Chinese factories producing hard tags have completed production line upgrades, incorporating automated equipment. This shift presents new opportunities and challenges for the hard tag market.

Price Competition Pressure Brought by Automated Production

Reduction in Production Costs and Prices:

  • Automated production technology significantly reduces the manufacturing costs of EAS hard tags by decreasing labor costs and increasing production efficiency. 
  • The lower production costs enable companies to sell products at reduced prices, intensifying market price competition.

Price Transparency:

  • Automated production and global supply chain management make price information more transparent. 
  • Consumers and competitors can more easily access market price information, further intensifying price competition.

Quality Issues Resulting from Intense Price Competition

Balancing Cost Reduction and Quality:

  • In the pursuit of lower production costs, some companies may cut back on quality control investments.
  • In the long run, declining product quality can reduce customer satisfaction, impacting brand reputation and market share.

Material Quality Concerns:

  • To secure orders in intense price competition, some factories may cut corners on material selection, using substandard or non-compliant materials.
  • This behavior severely affects the performance and durability of EAS hard tags, leading to long-term quality issues and customer complaints.

For example, many tags can even be bitten open with teeth:

Customization Opportunities Brought by Automated Production

Flexible Production and Customization:

  • Modern automation technology supports flexible production, allowing quick adjustments to production lines to meet different customer demands.
  • Customization enhances customer satisfaction and helps companies gain more market share.

Meeting Specific Market Needs:

  • Different customers may have varying requirements for EAS hard tags, such as specific shapes, colors, and functions.

  • Automated production can quickly adjust to meet these specific needs, attracting customers in targeted markets.

Enhancing Brand Value:

  • Providing customized services enhances brand uniqueness and market recognition.
  • Custom products make customers feel a higher value, contributing to the brand’s long-term development.

Increasing Added Value:

  • Custom products generally have higher added value, leading to higher profit margins.
  • Companies can reduce price competition pressure and improve profitability by offering high-quality custom products.


Automated production provides Chinese manufacturers with a significant advantage in global competition, offering more convenience and benefits to both the sales side and end users. However, increased cost transparency has also led to market stagnation. To meet customers’ demands for lower prices, manufacturers may reduce costs by cutting corners on materials, leading to potential product quality issues.


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