Eas RF System


DTRF2020 ABS Plastic MONO Eas RF System


PURA R10 Rimless Acrylic DUAL / MONO Eas RF System


DTRF8040 Aluminum-Claded Acrylic DUAL / MONO Eas RF Antenna


DTRF8030 Rimless Acrylic DUAL / MONO Eas RF System


DTRF8020B Acrylic DUAL / MONO Eas RF System


DTRF6070C Aluminum Alloy MONO / DUAL Eas RF System


DTRF6070 Aluminum Alloy MONO / DUAL Eas RF System


DTRF6060 Aluminum Alloy MONO / DUAL Eas RF System


DTRF6050 Aluminum Alloy MONO / DUAL Eas RF System


DTRF6040 Aluminum Alloy MONO / DUAL Eas RF System

We strictly control product quality.

Detasec has always won the trust of customers with high-quality products. 

Why Choose Detasec ?

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality Eas Antennas that meet all your needs.


Advanced Technology

Detasec engineers with 10+ years of experience, Detasec is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.

Strict Quality Control

  • 100% inspection of all motherboards.
  • 72 hours motherboard burn-in test
  • 24-hour whole machine aging test

Perfect product matrix

Detasec provides low, medium and high grades of eas antennas. And use plastic, acrylic, metal and other materials. Can meet all your needs.

Fast production

Detasec has a complete supply chain and production system, which can quickly produce and deliver your products.

Detasec Provide Customized Services

We are very strict in the production of products, from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of finished products, we have to go through several processes. We want to make sure that every product you receive is what you expect. 

We provide you with the following customized services:

Design different motherboard layouts

Customize the color of the appearance

Customize the size of an acrylic antenna

Printing your LOGO on produsts

Customize the package


Hot Products According to Our Clients Feedback


The Most Cost-effective

DTRF6050 has good performance and affordable price, and is favored by many customers.

Best Performance Model

DTRF6070 & DTRF6070C are  with best performance.

Powerful Performance and Nice Design

DTRF6060 with similar performance as DTRF6070 & DTRF6070C . At the same time, his exterior design is very popular.

DETASEC helps you become a leader in your local market !