Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)


Eas System

Include Eas AM System,Eas RF System and Concealed System

Eas Tag

Different designed RF Tags and AM tags for a range of store formats and inventory.

Eas Soft Label

Different Sizes of Eas AM Label,Eas RF Label for Different items


Designed to deliver ease and efficiency in deactivating soft labels


Designed to deliver ease and efficiency in removing tgas

Hook & Stop Lock

Protect high value electronic and phone accessories. Flexible options of security.

Other Accessories

Includes Pins,Lanyards,testers,anti-hitting,etc.

Security Display

Security display stand for phone, tablet, headphone etc.

EM Library System

Includes EM antenna, EM deactivator, EM Label

Detasec provides a full range of anti-theft products for various retail stores.