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PURA R10 Rimless Acrylic Eas RF System 1

PURA R20 New Design Eas RF System

In addition to the advanced item monitoring system that provides the best detection performance.

PURA R10 is divided into two type, DUAL type and MONO Type configuration . Respectively have manual debugging .

PURA R10 Rimless Acrylic Eas RF System with 9550 dual board or 3.54 mono board or 3.93 mono board. Especilly , 3.93 mono board provide alarm light color changing function. Blue , green, red are available.


Board : 9550

Type : TX - RX

Frequency : 8.2mhz

Dimension: 1530*340*115mm

For 40*40mm Soft Label : 1.3 meter

For Mini Square Tag : 1.4 meter

For Big Squre Tag : 1.6 meter


Board : 3.54 / 3.93

Type : Mono

Frequency : 8.2Mhz

Dimension: 1530*340*115mm

For 40*40mm Soft Label: 0.7 meter per side

For Mini Square Tag : 0.9 meter per side

For Big Squre Tag : 1.0 meter per side


  • Long range detection
  • Software configuration
  • Enhanced noise immunity
  • Elegant design of frames and base covers
  • Frames made with high quality acrylic material
  • Plastic parts made with high precision molds

Color changeable

When Pura R10 installed with mono 3.93 board. The Led light color could be different when standby and alamrming. 3 color , blue - green - red are avaliable.

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