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In an increasingly competitive environment, it is difficult for you to make all the plans and choose all the products in a short time. Detasec has a top-notch technology and service team. With our rich market experience, we can even prepare suitable solutions and products for you before you need it.


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Detasec is providing excellent products and solutions to more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

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Detasec has more than 200 long-term dealers and partners worldwide.

Detasec helps you win orders

Leading Eas Technology

Detasec offers shop both RF and AM systems. We have been successfully creating AM / RF antennas, making innovative changes and improving our technologies every year. We closely follow all current trends and provide products with leading technology. Inclcudes :
– RF WiFi remote mono system
– Ultra AM system (second only to the 9060 AM system)
– A2000 new series 2.0m AM system

These products help our distributors to win many orders in the competition with Chinese, European, Amercian brands. Among them, many orders are from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Samsung, etc. 

Detasec’s products help you win orders.

Strict Quality Control

Each of our production processes is strictly regulated. Including the procurement of raw materials, the production of various parts, the assembly of finished products, testing, aging, packaging. 

Thus, our customers can get high quality products and ensure that their performance are perfect.

The failure rate of our products is almost 0.

Do business with detasec easily

If your company is small, or you just starting an EAS business, we accept small orders. And, we know how to make your EAS business grow. Because we have helped many small companies, some of them have become leaders in their local market.

If your company has a certain scale, it faces huge competition. Then our products and services will take your business further and make you a leader.  Because we will give you advantages in product performance, price and service.

OEM & ODM Service

Many of our products are unique, especially NEW SERIES AM SYSTEM. At the same time, we provide very good customized services to make your products more differentiated and avoid the trap of price competition.

Our customized services, including color change, LOGO printing, frame shape design, motherboard design, etc. 

These services help to enhance your brand image.

Professional pre-sales and after-sales service

All of our key account managers have more than 6 years of working experience in the EAS industry.
– They are familiar with product knowledge and can quickly help you understand our products and services.
– They know the competition very well and can give you guided advice to help you win the competition.
– They understand the market and can help you stay at the forefront of the industry.

All our engineers have over 10 years experience in the EAS industry.
– They are very knowledgeable about cutting edge technology and enable our products.
– They know the products in the market very well and design competitive products
– They can solve all your technical problems.

We are your sales assistants and engineers.

Detasec helps your business to the next level.